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HIFU or high intensity focused ultrasound

A HIFU treatment is a revolutionary technique to tighten your face and body. Especially for aging skin, HFU is very popular because the treatment is skin rejuvenating. The treatment works deep into the skin and will stimulate collagen production there.


From € 150


45 minutes


2 to 3 years


HIFU: body elevator or facelift without surgery

Treatment with high intensity focused ultrasound is also sometimes considered a non-invasive form of the widely known surgical facelift or body elevator. During the treatment, the deep dermal layer is targeted to stimulate collagen production.

That collagen is responsible for the skin's firmness and elasticity. As you age, collagen production in the skin decreases, leaving you with sagging skin. If you want to re-tighten your skin, then a HIFU treatment is is the way to go.

Of course, you should not expect exactly the same results from the HIFU treatment as from a real surgical facelift or body elevator. Especially if you have severely sagging skin, you better be realistic in your expectations. 

By the way, did you know that HIFU is also used to treat certain types of tumors tumors?

Do you want to enjoy tightened skin? Are you all about a non-surgical HIFU facelift? Make your appointment today for a HIFU treatment at Sarasin Clinic.

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How does a HIFU treatment proceed?

How is the HIFU treatment performed? Why is it that the treatment stimulates collagen production? We'll explain that to you here.

HIFU stands for high intensity focused ultrasound. From that you can deduce that it uses ultrasonic waves. These waves penetrate deep into the skin, where they treat the subcutaneous tissue very safely. So no worries, during the HIFU treatment the skin, nerves, blood vessels and muscles are not damaged.

Roadmap of a HIFU treatment

Sarasin Clinic HIFU step-by-step
  1. We take a pre-photo to closely monitor the results.
  2. We cleanse the skin to remove dirt or makeup residue.
  3. The specialist draws out the specific area to be treated.
  4. We apply conductive gel to allow good conduction of ultrasonic waves.
  5. We use the HIFU equipment with the right head that works at different depths for delivering ultrasound energy.
  6. After treatment, there is usually no recovery time, and you will receive specific aftercare instructions from the specialist.
  7. Your skin tightening is visible after just one month, and the full effect of skin tightening develops over 3 months.
  8. After 3 months you come back for a short (no-obligation) appointment to follow up on the results with the specialist.

Want to know if HIFU is a suitable treatment for you? Then be sure to contact us. Our specialists will give you the right advice.

Benefits of HIFU treatment

HIFU treatment brings many benefits. For one, no incisions are made or fluids injected during the treatment, leaving the top layer of skin intact. Beyond that, however, the treatment has many benefits!

  • Hardly any side effects: No slight swelling or redness after treatment.
  • As early as fifteen minutes after the treatment, you can apply mineral makeup to your face.
  • The HIFU treatment is a real lunchtime treatment: it takes about 45 minutes.
  • Through the treatment, your skin tightens immediately. After one month, 40% of the final result is already visible. Three to six months after the treatment, you will see the optimal result.
  • This non-surgical facelift gives long-lasting results: with one treatment, you will be fine for about two to three years.
  • The HIFU treatment is virtually painless and may feel uncomfortable at best.
  • It is a non-invasive treatment, meaning that you will have hardly any recovery time to count.

Enjoy all these benefits of HIFU treatment? Then make your appointment at Sarasin Clinic and see how your skin gradually becomes firmer after the treatment.

Pre- and aftercare HIFU

For the HIFU treatment/HIFU facelift

  • Very important to know is that at least one month before the HIFU treatment you should take a collagen booster must take. This is not a a must, but it is highly recommended if you want to see significant results after the treatment.

After the HIFU treatment

  • After treatment, it is mandatory to for six months a collagen supplement to take. You don't have to go scouring stores for that: we offer high-quality collagen supplements at our clinic.
  • Furthermore, it is important that you do not cool your face for the first four hours after the treatment do not cool down. For one day after the treatment it is also forbidden to rinse your face with warm water.

The following prescriptions apply after treatment with HIFU:

  • No sauna and massage of the treated area for two weeks.
  • Do not apply makeup to the treated area for one week, with the exception of mineral makeup.
  • For at least one week, use a moisturizing mask. You can purchase these from us, for example.
  • Do not eat spicy foods for one month.

Possible side effects of treatment with HIFU:

  • The skin may turn a little red and there may be slight swelling. However, such side effects are completely normal and disappear within one to two days of HIFU treatment.
  • The treated area may flake a little on the second day after HIFU treatment. This is because the skin warms up and shrinks. Again, this is completely normal and disappears quickly.

Videos about HIFU

Before and after photos HIFU

Curious about the HIFU treatments before and after? You can expect the results below from a HIFU treatment at Sarasin Clinic.

HIFU Prices

HIFU Treatment Prices
Prices HIFU Face + Body
HIFU eyes€200/session
HIFU kin€250/session
HIFU full face€600/session
HIFU forehead€150/session
HIFU midface + jawline€350/session
HIFU jawline + neck€350/session
HIFU cleavage€300/session
HIFU abdomen€300/session
HIFU love handles (= 1 zone)€300/session
HIFU outer thighs€300/session
HIFU inner and outer thighs€600/session
HIFU knees (= 1 zone)€300/session
HIFU seat + buttock fold€400/session
HIFU upper arms (= 1 zone)€400/session
Supplements for HIFU:
Collagen Insentials€69,50
Collagen Bikini Body€40
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