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PRP skin improvement

Using your body's own substances to improve the quality of your skin, it can be done! PRP is the most popular and natural treatment for skin improvement at the "Sarasin Clinic".

This treatment uses body's own cells from your blood, this provides skin rejuvenation & skin firming! The skin will also get more éclat so you get the typical "Sarasin Glow". And super important, no foreign material in your body!


From €350


1 hour


6 to 9 months

How does a PRP treatment proceed?

A blood sample is taken from the patient and placed in a centrifuge. The centrifugation process is used to separate the red blood cells from the white blood cells, leaving behind the "liquid gold" or PRP, which contains the higher concentrations of growth factors.

The doctor collects "blood platelet-rich plasma" or PRP and then injects it into the areas where the patient desires skin improvement.

Note: We strongly recommend taking an immune booster before starting treatment. (at least 1 month in advance)

How does a PRP treatment work?

The growth factors in the platelet-rich plasmaor PRP stimulate the hair cells, leading to an acceleration of wound healing and production of collagen and elastin.
Collagen and elastin are the 2 factors that provide skin firming & skin improvement!

When we have obtained the Plots rich plasma or PRP, we inject it in the places where you want skin improvement / skin tightening also this technique is more and more applied to address dark circles under the eyes.
In case of hair loss, we can inject the PRP where you wish to regrow hair.

This technique is now also used more and more by women who have too little hair and want a fuller head of hair (this requires at least 3 sessions).
The growth factors that are secreted by the hair cells in the PRP will activate the hair roots again and thus you get partial hair growth again.

prp benefits

What is PRP used for in aesthetics?

  • skin improvement
  • skin rejuvenation
  • radiant complexion éclat "Sarasin Glow"
  • improvement of skin texture
  • Ideal for dark circles under the eyes!!!
  • To reduce fine lines
  • To accelerate wound healing (now widely used after surgical procedures)
  • against hair loss

Is PRP treatment a safe procedure?

Like all medical procedures, there are risks involved. The most common is swelling at the injection sites.
This is gone after 3 hours.

Before and after care PRP skin improvement

You can resume work immediately. Because you will only have small superficial wounds. From the punctures caused by injecting the PRP, for example.
Moreover, we do this with the finest needle on the market.

Videos about PRP

Before and after photos PRP skin improvement

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Price of PRP treatment

PRP treatments prices
PRP treatments
PRP 1st session€350/session
PRP 2nd session€350/session
PRP last session (for 3 sessions total)€250/session
PRP for the lips€350/session
PRP skin improvement€350/session
PRP against hair loss€350/session
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