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Nasal filler or non-surgical nose job

The nose plays an incredibly important role in facial attractiveness. Nose fillers are a very commonly performed treatment at Sarasin Clinic.

We use nasal fillers to beautify the nose but also to ultimately look younger and fresher.


From €400


30 minutes


8 to 12 months

Note: We do not perform nasal filler treatment if you have already had surgery on your nose.

The most common nasal procedures at our Clinic are:

  1. Asian nose bridge construction
  2. Camouflaging bumps
  3. Lifting of the nasal tip
  4. Correcting asymmetries

Videos about nasal fillers

Aging of the nose

Our noses change and lose firmness as we age. The structural support of the nasal tip is reduced. Which causes the nasal tip to sag.

Beauty of the nose

Some people are born with beautiful noses. Others are born with noses whose appearance we can improve. For those who are not born with the perfect nose, we can use nonsurgical rhinoplasty to improve the appearance.

Before & after photos of nasal fillers

Sarasin Clinic nasal filler
Sarasin Clinic nasal filler
Sarasin Clinic nasal filler
Sarasin Clinic Nasal filler before and after photo
Sarasin Clinic fillers jawline chin nose
Sarasin Clinic nasal filler for bump before and after young man

Many anatomical features important to the beauty of the nose are:

  • the nose position
  • width and height of nose bridge
  • projection of the nose
  • symmetry

How does a nasal filler treatment proceed?

In the drawing below, you can see step by step how a nasal filler treatment proceeds.

nasal filler treatment

A nasal filler can offer improvement for:

  • A flat nasal bridge

Often patients present with a flat or low nasal bridge. It is a fairly simple procedure to inject the filler to lift the bridge of the nose.

  • The shape of the nose

The patient's nose is assessed and the doctor has a conversation with the patient about his or her anatomy and how it can be improved.
Sometimes the only solution is surgery. The doctor will discuss with you the most appropriate treatment.

  • The nasofrontal angle

The nasofrontal angle ( = the angle between your nasal bridge and the beginning of your forehead) is important for beauty and can be improved with a nasal filler.

  • Nose tips

Can be lifted with nasal filler.

  • Hump / Hump

If the hump is minimal, the nose can be straightened by nasal fillers.
However, when the hump is so high, surgery is indicated.

  • Symmetry of the nose

Asymmetry of the nose is common, and can be improved with nasal filler treatment

  • Columella

The columella-Labial or nasolabial angle is important in determining which way the nose appears to point.
The columella can be injected to change this angle to improve the appearance of the nose.

Before and after care nasal filler

  • Ice can always be used to reduce pain and reduce the risk of bruising. Most of the time, this is not even necessary.
  • No makeup for 4 hours
  • No strenuous exercise that day
  • Avoid acidic facial products for 24 hours
  • No spas no saunas, no hot yoga for 1 week after treatment
tear trough filler aftercare

Nose fillers prices

Prices filler treatments
Lip filler€290/spuit
Lip hydration€290/spuit
Smoking lines€400/treatment
tear trough filler€400/treatment
Nose filler€400/treatment
Nasolabial fold - Nasolabial fold filler€280/syringe
Marionette Lines Filler€280/syringe
Cheekbone filler€280/syringe
Jawline filler€280/syringe
Chin filler€280/syringe
Liquid facelift€280/syringe
Hyalase (correction erroneous filler)€200/treatment
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