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Hair filler

Treatment for hair loss, stimulates hair growth

Are you experiencing problems with hair loss, baldness or thinning hair? At Sarasin Clinic, you can now benefit from one of the most effective treatments to combat (early) hair loss and hair thinning.

It's a common problem: As we age, our hair begins to thin. This can lead to a less full head of hair and a decrease in self-confidence. Fortunately, at Sarasin Clinic, we offer Hair Fillers as an effective solution to help your hair look full and healthy again.


From €200


30 minutes


6 months


Hair Filler for whom is it recommended?

  • For men and women of all ages suffering from alopecia, whatever stage they are at: at the first symptoms or even at an advanced stage.
  • Men and women with thin hair & excessive hair loss.
  • Men and women who desire more volume.
  • In hair transplantation, it also helps to increase the survival rate of transplanted hair.

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Hair fillers as a hair transplant alternative

How does hair loss and thinning hair occur?

  • Hair loss, alopecia and thinning hair occurs in both men and women within all age groups for different reasons.
  • Genetics, hormones, age, childbirth, stress and diet can all negatively affect the fragile hair follicles.
  • As one ages, hair often begins to lose its density and the once healthy follicles decrease their activity.

BVs & Hair Filler at Sarasin Clinic

What exactly do Hair Fillers do?

Hair fillers are the treatment for hair loss, providing fuller & thicker hair

Hair fillers are a method of addressing thinning hair by adding extra volume and texture to the hair roots. This is achieved by injecting a filler, usually hyaluronic acid-based, into the scalp. The hyaluronic acid promotes the growth of new hair and also strengthens existing hair, giving it a fuller, healthier appearance."

Dr. Cyj hairfiller hair growth

Our Hair Filler is a peptide complex suitable for hair growth and reconstruction of the scalp

  • For people struggling with severe hair loss, alopecia or thinning hair, an injectable treatment based on a patented peptide-hyaluronic acid formula offers a promising solution.
  • This treatment is designed to restore hair follicles and improve scalp health.
  • This can slow down the hair loss process, which increases the chances of growing back thicker and stronger hair.
  • This specific peptide-hyaluronic acid treatment has proven in many cases to slow hair loss and improve the condition of both the scalp and hair follicles.
  • The formula, with patented peptides and hyaluronic acid, strengthens hair from the hair follicles and, according to scientific research, has led to noticeably thicker and stronger hair.

The Hair Filler is composed of:

  1. Decapeptide-10 (CG- Keramin2): Nourishes the scalp and hair root 
  2. Octapeptide-11 (CG-Seperin): Inhibits cell death induced by stress 
  3. Octapeptide-2 (Prohairin-β4): Stimulates hair growth by (re)activating stem cells in hair follicles 
  4. Decapeptide-18 (CG-WINT): generates new hair follicles 
  5. Decapeptide-28 (CG-Rehairin): Slows down the hair loss process 
  6. Oligopeptide-54 (CG-Nokkin): Inhibits hair loss 
  7. Oligopeptide-71 (CG-Edrin): Promote hair growth
Sarasin Clinic hair filler molecules
  • Peptides are naturally occurring molecules in the skin that send signals to key skin cells.
  • When collagen is damaged, it signals cells to produce more.
  • In a young body, these peptides are produced naturally and at the right time.
  • Now it is possible to "copy" these natural biological messengers. These copies are the biomimetic peptides that replace the skin's natural molecules to preserve and regenerate it.

Before-and-after care

Precaution for Hair Filler

  • Come to your appointment with a clean scalp = no gel, no hairspray, no toppik
  • A hair filler treatment can be sensitive/painful, feel free to take a painkiller 45 min before your treatment
  • After the treatment you can immediately resume your activities, at worst you will see a little red at the treatment site, but this is negligible
  • Please note you need 3 to 4 treatments every 2-4 weeks for best results (with the last "booster" treatment we leave 3 month in between)

Aftercare for Hair Filler

  • Do not practice any sports immediately after the treatment until the following day

Videos about hair fillers

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Before & After Photos Hair Filler

Sarasin Clinic Hair Filler in the Media

Sarasin Clinic BLIK Gunther Levi hair filler

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Price hair filler

Hair filler treatments prices
Hair filler small zone (1ml)€200/session
Hair filler medium zone (2ml)€300/session
Hair filler large zone (3ml)€400/session
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