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Hair filler

Do you suffer from hair loss, baldness or thinning hair? Sarasin Clinic now offers one of the most effective treatments for combating (premature) hair loss and hair thinning. Hair Filler is a new medical treatment against hereditary hair loss based on peptide technology.


From €200


30 minutes


6 months


Benefits Hair Filler treatment at Sarasin Clinic

  • stops hair loss
  • regrowth of hair is stimulated
  • improve hair density + hair thickness
  • improve the quality of hair
  • Stimulates blood circulation and hydration in the scalp
  • safe treatment method by specialized doctors
Dr. Cyj hairfiller hair growth

Hair loss and thinning hair

Hair loss, alopecia and thinning hair occurs in both men and women within all age groups for a variety of reasons. Genetics, hormones, age, childbirth, stress and diet can all negatively affect the fragile hair follicles. As one ages, the hair often begins to lose its density and the once healthy follicles decrease their activity.

Hair fillers as a hair transplant alternative

What exactly do Hair Fillers do?

The product is injected into the scalp and has a 4-fold action:

  • hair growth stimulation: activation of hair cells
  • inhibit hair loss: inhibits the formation of BMP4 and DKK-1, the main factors in hair loss
  • antioxidant: free radicals or oxidative stress, in addition to hormones, is a major factor that weakens the hair root
  • stimulation angiogenesis: improved blood flow to the scalp ensures that the hair root receives adequate nutrition through new blood vessel formation
DR CYJ 7 Peptide Hair Filler Complex

Our Hair Filler is a unique, preventive injection treatment with peptides against hair loss and baldness.

The Hair Filler consists of a patented complex of 7 biomimetic (nature-identical) peptides and hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a substance found naturally in the skin that provides hydration and elasticity to the scalp. Peptides are small protein molecules composed of a short chain of amino acids. These active ingredients work by binding to receptor cells and triggering metabolic actions.

The 7 patented peptides in DR.CYJ Hair Filler have strong proven power to slow the hair loss process in men and women and restart hair growth. By injecting the Hair Filler at the level of your hair follicles, the peptides act directly on the core of your hair problem.

Before-and-after care

Precaution for Hair Fillers

  • Come to your appointment with a clean scalp = no gel, no hairspray, no toppik
  • A hair filler treatment can be sensitive/painful, feel free to take a painkiller 45 min before your treatment
  • After the treatment you can immediately resume your activities, at worst you will see a little red at the treatment site, but this is negligible
  • Please note you need 3 to 4 treatments every 2-4 weeks for best results (with the last "booster" treatment we leave 3 month in between)

Aftercare for Hair Fillers

  • Do not practice any sports immediately after the treatment until the following day

Videos about hair fillers

Before & After Photos Hair Filler

Price hair filler

Hair filler treatments prices
Hair filler small zone (1ml)€200/session
Hair filler medium zone (2ml)€300/session
Hair filler large zone (3ml)€400/session
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