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Vagina Fillers

Loss of volume in the labia majora? Loss of tightness?

Vagina Filler can help restore the natural shape and volume of the labia majora, giving it a more youthful and toned appearance.

Vagina Filler can also be applied for other corrections and improvements in the female genital area, such as treating labia asymmetry or reducing discomfort caused by vulvar atrophy.


from €800


20 minutes


12-18 months

Vagina Filler Treatment

I can hear you thinking, nowadays they can inject fillers everywhere. Yes, you can also have your vagina or vulva filler injected. Indeed, the demand for cosmetic procedures in the pubic area has been increasing in recent years. But what exactly does this involve?

Vagina Filler indications

Restoring Vagina Volume

  • DESIRIAL® PLUS is a more elastic gel for remodeling the outer labia that have partially (hypotrophy) or completely (atrophy) lost volume. One of the most important improvements, apart from the aesthetic aspects, is the protection of the inner labia (Labia Minora).
  • After a certain age, the tissues tend to shrink, especially in the outer labia, which can lead to a retroughion in the natural protection of the vulva and localized pain. The hyaluronic gel restores volume and re-protects the area.

This technique can also be combined with Vagina Hydration.

woman vaginal dryness vagina fillers

Vagina Filler: there is no need to be afraid of it

  • Some women are not satisfied with their vulva and find it difficult to discuss this in their immediate environment. As a result, they continue to walk around for years with complaints or a sense of shame. We would like to make this "beauty taboo" negotiable. In several countries undergoing the vagina filler treatment is very normal. And we think so too because it is a waste for you (and your partner), to walk around with this problem for so long.
  • You certainly don't have to feel alone in this, rest assured we have helped many women with vagina fillers. Afterwards, we get told all the time "I should have had this done much earlier."

Course of vagina filler treatment

vagina filler course of treatment step by step

Your và-jay-jay through the years

  • We start at puberty, where the vagina is covered by hair and the inner and outer labia begin to grow. Our và-jay-jay can have different sizes, long or short, large or small, AND this is all perfectly normal. This is part of what makes us all unique.
  • Labia are sexually sensitive and when you get excited they will swell a little bit. During puberty and in older age, changes occur that we cannot assume. These are caused by the female sex hormone: estrogen.
  • Estrogens make your lips thicker. Unfortunately, estrogen levels drop as you age. So you can guess ... Your lips will decrease in volume as you age. This can compromise the natural protection of your và-jay-jay. This can lead to localized pain or just the appearance that you no longer like.
  • We can solve this problem in no time with vagina fillers (Desirial & Desirial Plus).

Types of và-jay-jay's

Sarasin Clinic what type of vagina do you have

Fillers in your foof, vagina, Va jay jay, Punani

Vagina Filler Desirial Plus

  • Desirial Plus is a hyaluronic acid filler treatment used to restore volume to the labia majora (outer) and improve tonus and tightness. It can also be used for other corrections in the female genital area, such as treating labia asymmetry and reducing discomfort caused by vulvar atrophy.
  • Because of the volume increase of the vagina peeler, the protective function of the labia will be strengthened. Not only will it make your vagina stronger but you will also have beautiful full labia again.

What is the process of treatment with Vagina Filler Desirial Plus?

  • With Desirial Plus, the outer labia or labia majora will be injected with filler. You will first discuss with the doctor the problem and how it can be solved.
  • The volume injected is assessed individually by the physician.
  • In general, an average of 3 to 4 ml of filler is needed to get enough volume in the outer labia. This then ensures that the inner labia no longer hang out of the outer, unless these inner labia are extremely large then we recommend plastic surgery of the inner labia.
  • To narrow the vagina, we need an average of 1 to Max 2 syringes so that the passage of the vagina becomes narrower and more tight.
  • Of course, each person is different and the number of syringes may vary according to need.

Before and After Vagina Filler Treatment

Sarasin Clinic vagina filler before and after

Price Vagina Filler

Prices Vaginal Health
Vagina Hydration against vaginal dryness and pain (e.g., menopause symptoms)€500
Vagina Filler for making the outer labia fuller€800
Vagina Filler + Hydration combination: plumping the outer labia + hydration€1300
HIFU Vagina€500

Aftercare vagina filler

  • For 5 days no sexual intercourse, no cycling, no bath, no sauna
  • After 1 month you will come for a check-up
  • You may need 1 more filler after 3 months for vaginal dryness (when the result is not yet sufficient for you)
  • Results of our vagina fillers for outer labia enlargement last on average 2 years
  • Results of hydration and/or constriction last an average of 18 months, you may need another 2 after your first session after 3 months depending on severity of dryness or need for constriction
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Sarasin Clinic plastic surgeon

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