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Tear-through filler or tear-through filler

Tear Trough Fillers or Tear Trough Fillers are used to firm the skin under the eyes or to eliminate dark circles. Many patients worry about dark circles, dark puffiness, excess skin under the eyes. This even from a very young age, and this concern increases over time. People are particularly concerned about the dark circles and shadows under the eyes, the hollows under the eye, or if not hollows, the "fat pockets" under the eye.


From €400


30 minutes


8 to 12 months

Please note! For each indication there is a specific treatment eg: if you have real fat pockets under the eyes, or excess skin under the eyes, this can only be treated surgically with an eyelid correction.

If you are concerned about wrinkles around the eyes (crow's feet) click here: muscle relaxants BTX.

Strengthen the quality of your skin under the eyes, you will be less likely to get wrinkles and dark circles will be remedied by this.

What can tear trough filler or under eye filler be used for?

This treatment is mainly used when one:

  • Has hollows under the eyes (not enough fat volume)
  • dark shadows under the eyes
  • dark circles under the eyes

What tear trough fillers do we use at Sarasin Clinic?

We only use products that give good padding and attract as little moisture as possible! Tear trough fillers are made specifically for this area, which is why you cannot use them in other areas. This is because these fillers are more liquid than our other fillers, so there is little chance of clumping.

Read more about our specific tear trough fillers

How does treatment with tear trough filler work?

In the drawing below, you can see step by step how a tear trough filler treatment proceeds.

tear trough filler treatment

Are there other treatment methods that can enhance the result?

Absolutely! A combination of treatments will reinforce each other.

Most of our patients combine tear trough fillers with PRP or Microneedling + RF. This way, we get the subcutaneous skin in top condition and this will also improve the outcome of your tear trough filler.

Before and aftercare tear trough filler

  • No makeup in the first 4 hours
  • Also no strenuous exercise that day
  • Avoiding acidic products on the skin for 24 hours
  • No spas no saunas, no hot yoga until 1 week after treatment
tear trough filler aftercare

Videos about tear trough filler

Before & after photos tear-through filler or tear-through filler

Price tear trough filler

Prices filler treatments
Lip filler€280/syringe
Cheekbone filler€280/syringe
Jawline filler€280/syringe
Chin filler€280/syringe
Nasolabial fold - Nasolabial fold filler€280/syringe
Liquid facelift€280/syringe
Nose filler€400/treatment
tear trough filler€400/treatment
Lip hydration€280/syringe
Hyalase (correction erroneous filler)€200/treatment
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