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Frown wrinkle injections

Frown lines or glabella wrinkles are the vertical lines that appear in your forehead when you express a negative emotion such as, anger, frustration, anxiety.

Some people use these muscles when they are concentrating or when they have the sun on their face. When a person frowns, they often use a combination of muscles.

Frown wrinkle injections along with forehead wrinkle injections are one of the most popular procedures at Sarasin Clinic. We use muscle relaxant injections to relax the frown lines to make the patient look less angry.


From €120


30 minutes


3 to 4 months

We recommend starting muscle relaxant injections in a timely manner so that frown lines cannot manifest permanently in the skin.

When this is the case, it is much more difficult to get rid of the frown lines with just muscle relaxant injections. Then one often must also use fillers to fill in the deep wrinkles already present.

Treatment of frown lines

  • The "first-line" treatment for frown lines are muscle relaxant injections. (Due to Belgian regulations, we are not allowed to use the name of the active ingredient, popularly referred to as Botox)
  • If the frown lines are well visible in relaxed face, then additional fillers can be used to fill the wrinkle.
  • You will receive several small punctures at the level of your eyebrows to treat frown lines.
Sarasin Clinic frown wrinkle treatment infographic

Before and after care for frown wrinkle treatment

  • No makeup for the first 4 hours
  • No massage on the day of treatment
  • No heavy exertion the same day
  • Much eyebrow raising is suggested for a few hours
  • Avoid active or acidic facial products for 24 hours
Sarasin Clinic aftercare fillers infographic

Video anti-wrinkle injections

Before & after anti-wrinkle injections

Frown wrinkle injections prices

Prices muscle relaxer/Botox treatments
Muscle relaxants / Botox / Baby Botoxprice per zone
1 zone
(ex: frown or forehead or crow's foot)
2 zones
(e.g., frown + crow's feet)
3 zones
(ex: frown + forehead + crow's feet)
Gummy smile€60/treatment
BTX Lip Flip€60/treatment
Anti-wrinkle injections crow's feet€120/treatment
Eyebrow elevator€200/treatment
Bruxism (teeth grinding)€260/treatment
Face slimming€260/treatment
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