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Cheekbone filler

Cheekbone fillers are experiencing a huge boost thanks to social media and the taboo that is disappearing around fillers. The midface or midface is a very important area of the face regarding beauty and age. Beautifully shaped cheekbones contribute to the ideal Face Shape. When we age, volume loss at the level of the cheeks is one of the first characteristics.

One of the facial beauty ideals is high cheekbones, which is why cheekbone fillers have gained tremendous popularity. Stars behind this are the Kardashians and the Jenners.

Filling the cheeks with filler is an effective treatment with minimal downtime.


From €280


30 minutes


8 to 12 months

What is the purpose of cheekbone fillers?

Fillers in the cheekbones are usually used for 2 purposes.

On the one hand, one will begin to accommodate volume loss in aging patients because during the aging process, not only does one lose volume in the cheeks, bone resorption also occurs. Which provides structural support to the soft tissues of our face. As a result, we get the typical nasolabial folds (nose/mouth crease) and wrinkles.

On the other hand, the younger crowd wants to strive for the beauty ideal and enlarge their cheekbones by having fillers injected.

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What can be achieved with cheekbone fillers?

  • Size of cheekbones: Often patients present with flat/underdeveloped cheeks that need to be enlarged. This is a relatively simple procedure.
  • Skin of the cheeks: Cheek wrinkles and volume loss can be improved with cheekbone fillers.

Want to improve skin quality at the level of the cheeks? Then you can also have pure hyaluronic acid injected.

  • Shape of the cheeks: Some patients need more volume at the front of their cheeks, some need more volume at the sides of their cheeks, and others simply need more volume at the apex of their cheeks.

The patient is assessed and the physician has a conversation with the patient about his or her anatomy and how it can be improved.

  • Aging: As we age, we lose volume in the cheeks and bone resorption occurs, resulting in reduced structural support of the overlying tissue. Thanks to a filler, you can restore firmness to the face.
  • Symmetry of the cheeks: Asymmetry of the cheeks is common, and can be improved with a filler.

What is the process of a cheekbone filler treatment?

In the drawing below, you can see step by step how a cheekbone filler treatment proceeds.

cheekbone filler treatment

Pre- and aftercare cheekbone fillers

Avoid the following:

  • Make up for 4 hours
  • Heavy efforts that day
  • Acidic products for 24 hours
  • Spas, saunas, hot yoga for 1 week after treatment
btx fillers aftercare 1 week no sun

Videos about this treatment

Before & after photos cheekbone fillers

Price cheekbone filler treatment

Prices filler treatments
Lip filler€280/syringe
Cheekbone filler€280/syringe
Jawline filler€280/syringe
Chin filler€280/syringe
Nasolabial fold - Nasolabial fold filler€280/syringe
Liquid facelift€280/syringe
Nose filler€400/treatment
tear trough filler€400/treatment
Lip hydration€280/syringe
Smoking lines€400/treatment
Hyalase (correction erroneous filler)€200/treatment
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