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BTX Neustiplift

Do you feel that certain facial expressions are pulling your nasal tip down?
Fortunately, there is a way to improve the shape and position of your nasal tip without the need for surgery. Beautify and lift your nose tip with BTX nose elevator!


From €60


15 minutes


3-4 months

What is a BTX Nose Lift?

A droopy nose tip can create the illusion that the face is pulled down, which can give a tired appearance. A btx nose elevator is a cosmetic treatment that uses a muscle relaxer to make the nose look lifted and refined, with no surgery required.

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Sarasin Clinic plastic surgeon

Book your initial consultation online (€50)

Book a consultation now with Nurse Karen or one of our doctors to discuss whether and with what procedure you can be helped. Afterwards, you decide for yourself if you want to have the procedure performed. The cost of your first consultation will be detroughed from the total cost of your surgery, if you have it performed with us.

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How does the BTX Nasaliplift treatment work?

In a btx nose elevator, we inject small amounts of muscle relaxant into certain muscles of the nose. This helps to relax the muscles that pull the nose tip downward, raising the nose tip and creating a more streamlined and balanced look.

How does the treatment proceed?

The treatment is relatively quick and easy and takes no longer than 15 minutes.

  • You discuss with the doctor your expectations
  • Together with the doctor, you determine the treatment that is best for you
  • Photographs of the treated area are taken beforehand
  • The doctor disinfects the area being treated
  • Using a thin needle, we inject the btx/muscle relaxant
  • After treatment, you can continue with your daily activities as usual
  • The results will also be immediately apparent after two weeks when you compare the before and after photos
  • No recovery time is required
  • Possible side effects of these treatments are minimal: redness, temporary swelling or bruising may occur after treatment.
Sarasin Clinic BTX Nasaliplift step by step

What result can I expect?

After 3-5 days you will notice the first results but they are small compared to the effective result which will be visible only after 10-14 days. You will observe a subtle elevator effect of your nose, this lasts for about 3 - 4 months after which you can repeat the treatment.

The more often the treatment is repeated, the longer it takes for the effect of the btx/muscle relaxant to wear off.

Before-and-after care

Precaution for BTX Nose Lift

  • Avoid alcohol for 24 hours before treatment
  • Do not take blood-thinning medications 24 hours before treatment
  • Make sure you are not pregnant or nursing before undergoing btx/muscle release treatment

Aftercare BTX Nose Lift

  • 4 hours after treatment do not lie flat and bend over
  • 24 hours of no smoking and exercise
  • 24 - 48 hours do not massage the area
  • Do not wear makeup for 24 hours
btx fillers aftercare 1 week no sun

Informational video about BTX

Before & After Photos BTX

Price BTX Neustiplift

Prices muscle relaxer/Botox treatments
Muscle relaxants / Botox / Baby Botoxprice per zone
1 zone
(ex: frown or forehead or crow's foot)
2 zones
(e.g., frown + crow's feet)
3 zones
(e.g., frown + forehead + crow's feet)
BTX Jelly Roll€60/treatment
BTX Bunny Lines€60/treatment
BTX Neustiplift€60/treatment
Gummy smile€60/treatment
BTX Lip Flip€60/treatment
BTX Chin€60/treatment
BTX Mouth corners€120/treatment
BTX crow's feet€120/treatment
Brow lift€100/treatment
Bruxism (teeth grinding)€280/treatment
Face slimming€280/treatment
Nefertiti Neck Lift€350/treatment
Platysma Banding€280/treatment
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