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The HIFU facelift: an effective alternative to surgery

If you're looking for ways to slow or reverse the aging process on your face, the thought of surgery can be a bit frightening. Fortunately , there arenon-invasive treatments available today that can be just as effective as surgery, such as the HIFU-facelift.

In this blog post, find out what a HIFU facelift is, for whom the treatment is suitable and what the pros and cons of it.

HIFU or high intensity focused ultrasound

A HIFU treatment is a facelift without a needle or cutting. Although we're talking about a HIFU facelift here, you should know that you're having the HIFU treatment can be used for both your face (HIFU face) as well as your body (HIFU body).

For a HIFU facelift, at Sarasin Clinic we use a relatively new technique: HIFU or High Intensity Focused Ultrasound. This innovative HIFU treatment uses localized high-intensity ultrasound waves to treat specific areas of the skin.

These waves produce heat that acts on the skin structure. The HIFU treatment will also stimulate collagen production. This will ensure that the skin structure is visibly improved resulting in fewer wrinkles and fine lines in the face.

Sarasin Clinic Hifu machine

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hifu face

Who is the HIFU facelift suitable for?

  • Do you suffer from sagging skin due to age, sagging skin after pregnancy or weight loss? Then you are certainly not alone. There are a lot of people who feel insecure about such ailments.
  • Anyone who feels their skin is not firm enough is a suitable candidate for HIFU treatment. Perhaps you suffer from a less tight jawline, loose skin under the chin or on the neck, a lowered brow line or wrinkles on the décolletage. 
  • At Sarasin Clinic, you've come to the right place! We opt for a personal approach and natural results. So together we look at the possibilities and discuss them carefully with our skin experts. Our goal? To ensure that you feel no time feel good in your body and feel confident about your skin.

Eight benefits of HIFU treatment

1. Minimal invasiveness 

HIFU treatment is a minimally invasive treatment and requires no surgery and therefore no general anesthesia. This means that the treatment is much less invasive than a surgical facelift. You have no scars and even after the HIFU treatment, you can immediately resume your daily activities.

2. Quick treatment

The treatment usually works quickly and takes about an hour. That means you don't have to take a whole day off when you undergo HIFU treatment. Better yet, you can even have it done during your lunch break if you want!

3. Scientifically proven effect

Scientific research has shown that HIFU treatment really works. It is an effective, non-invasive and safe way to treat facial wrinkles.. The treatment is especially effective for the jawline, jaws and surrounding area.

4. Painless

Most people experience no pain during treatment, although some may experience mild discomfort. However, that is nothing compared to surgical treatment where you experience quite a bit of pain after treatment. If you are afraid of pain, it is better to choose a HIFU facelift rather than a surgical facelift.

5. Skin Problems

Not only will the face feel tighter and firmer after the HIFU treatment, this treatment also offers a solution for an uneven complexion or texture of the skin and enlarged pores. After a treatment with high intensity focused ultrasound, your pores will look much smaller.

6. No recovery period

Once you have the treatment done, the biggest work is over. In fact, you hardly need any recovery time after the treatment, unlike the long recovery time with the surgical facelift. HIFU that is a tighter skin without downtime!

7. Quickly visible results

A number of clients already see some effect immediately after their treatment. As much as 40% of the final result is visible after one month. The best results are visible after three to six months. This is because your skin becomes firmer through the natural production of collagen and elastin.

8. Repeatability

How long do the results last? Usually from a few months to a year. But don't worry, you can always do a repeat treatment to maintain the results well. A surgical facelift works differently, with that you obtain permanent results.

We recommend repeating the treatment once every six months to repeat the treatment. Through this repetition, the skin will actively produce collagen and elastin. Thus, the results of the HIFU therapy will last longer.

The three disadvantages of HIFU treatment 

At Sarasin Clinic, we value your safety and overall overall satisfaction. Therefore, we are also happy to share some sidenotes regarding this treatment. Namely, the disadvantages of a HIFU facelift. We like to keep it real.

Although the HIFU facelift is an innovative treatment for improving skin texture and reducing facial wrinkles and lines, there are also some drawbacks to the treatment. We list them for you below. 

1. No permanent result

Although the results of a HIFU treatment usually remain visible for several months to a year, they will eventually fade. That means you'll need to repeat the treatment on a regular basis to maintain results.

2. Remote treatment depth

The treatment can treat the epidermis, the subcutaneous connective tissue and the fascia layer of the muscle. So with HIFU, you can go very deep into the skin, right into the muscle. That means the treatment is not suitable for people with severely sagging skin and super deep wrinkles. 

Want to target only the more superficial layers of skin for a beautiful glow? Then Microneedling RF may be for you!Please note microneedling works well on scarring and tightening pores while HIFU really works on lifting the skin.

3. Possible side effects

Although the HIFU facelift is usually well tolerated, some people may experience side effects such as redness, slight swelling or a numb feeling in the tissues (this can last up to several weeks) . The other side effects are usually temporary and disappear after a maximum of 48 hours.

To HIFU or not to HIFU?

  • We might be biased but still: to HIFU! The HIFU facelift is a hugely popular choice for people looking for an effective alternative to surgery to address aging skin.
  • There are numerous benefits to undergoing HIFU treatment, such as the minimal invasiveness, quick treatment time, lack of pain, minimal recovery time and immediately visible results. In addition, the treatment can be repeated to maintain the results.
  • Of course, it remains a nonsurgical facelift. That is, you should never expect the same spectacular results as from a surgical facelift. It is important that you have realistic expectations from the treatment. Curious about some of our results? Then be sure to check out the before and after photos!

Are you completely convinced about the HIFU facelift? Then make your appointment at Sarasin Clinic!

Results HIFU facelift

A picture says more than a thousand words, which is why we are happy to show you the results we achieved with our patients. Do you need some more convincing? Then be sure to read the many positive reviews left by our customers.

HIFU treatment results face

Sarasin Clinic hifu face resultaat 3 maand 1 sessie zijkant
Sarasin Clinic hifu face resultaat 3 maand 1 sessie voorkant
HIFU face before and after photo 3 months later
Sarasin Clinic hifu facelift before and after
Sarasin Clinic hifu full face before and after
Sarasin Clinic hifu result 6 month Sarasin Glow cream front face

Results HIFU treatment neck and jawline

hifu face chin jaw line
Sarasin Clinic Hifu neck jawline
Sarasin Clinic Hifu neck jawline
Sarasin Clinic HIFU Face before and after
Sarasin Clinic HIFU Face before and after
Sarasin Clinic HIFU Face before and after
Sarasin Clinic HIFU Face before and after
Sarasin Clinic Hifu before and after 3 months later
Sarasin Clinic Hifu midface and jawline 2 month after treatment)
Sarasin Clinic hifu result 6 month Sarasin Glow cream side
Sarasin Clinic Hifu neck + jawline
Sarasin Clinic Hifu FACE jawline
Sarasin Clinic hifu full face before and after

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A tighter face, reduced wrinkles and a younger look. What more could you want? After reading this blog, are you totally convinced about the HIFU facial treatment?

Then book your appointment To tighten and tone your skin naturally, with minimal recovery time!

Do you still have questions about the treatment? Please feel free to contact with us. Hope to see you soon!

Videos about Hifu facelift at Sarasin Clinic

Hifu facelift prices

HIFU Treatment Prices
Prices HIFU Face + Body
HIFU eyes€200/session
HIFU chin€250/session
HIFU full face€600/session
HIFU forehead€150/session
HIFU midface + jawline€350/session
HIFU jawline + neck€350/session
HIFU cleavage€300/session
HIFU abdomen€300/session
HIFU love handles (= 1 zone)€300/session
HIFU outer thighs€300/session
HIFU inner and outer thighs€600/session
HIFU knees (= 1 zone)€300/session
HIFU seat + buttock fold€400/session
HIFU upper arms (= 1 zone)€400/session
Supplements for HIFU:
Sarasin Clinic Collageen€65
Sarasin Clinic plastic surgeon

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